About Us

Crooked Horn Company Story

Crooked Horn Co. ~ A mother - daughter trio bringing unique flair in western fashion that enables women to feel confident and beautiful.

Classy, unique, and beyond chic; Crooked Horn brings flair to western fashion with a desire to make a difference in every customer’s style. Our passion is to bring your personality to life through our latest unique styles. We are located in the desert of Arizona and we graciously ship worldwide.  We feel truly blessed to have you be a part of our journey as we are very thankful for every one of our customers. 

Get to Know the Owners

Being raised on a small ranch in northern Arizona; sacrifice, dedication, and hard work is second nature to all three women.  At a very young age, their husband/father passed-away leaving the three to face life’s challenges together.  At 5 and 8 years of age, both daughters learned that life would throw them many curve balls, and one must face the challenge head on and find a way to succeed.  Raising two young daughters while running a small ranch and working full time, positive mind set and a strong will to survive became the way of life.  As the three overcame a difficult time in their lives, they also realized the many blessings they had received along the way.  One of those many blessings was their family. 

When able, their father/grandfather assisted on the ranch while raising cattle of his own.  He was a man of great humor giving each cow, calf, bull, etc. a name based on their attitude, look or special attribute.  One in particular was a cow named Millie which became well known for her crooked horns and the various ways she utilized them to succeed in life.  In honor of their father/grandfather and Millie, the women launched Crooked Horn Company with a belief that integrity, work ethic, family, and quality would be the base of their operations. 

Our Commitment
Our customer service and commitment to your satisfaction is our number one goal. It is not just our unique style and brands that make us stand out amongst our peers; it is our customer service and commitment to your satisfaction. We ensure your style needs are met with the utmost respect, courtesy, and dedication to making your shopping experience the best.

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we achieve our dream! 

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